Need To Fix Your Pumps? We Share Our Top Tips For Keeping Your Pump In Great Working Order

You water pump is an investment, but many of us don’t consider the maintenance required to ensure it continues to run smoothly. From pool pumps to bore water pumps, it’s important to understand how your pump should be functioning — and act quickly if you notice a problem arising. Our team are always on hand to fix your pumps with our professional water pump repairs for Queensland and the East Coast. Here’s some simple tips to help you better understand your pump and reduce any potential downtime.


It seems like a pretty obvious suggestion, but you should get to know your pump system so you can be aware of any unusual issues that may arise. Problems could involve water leaks, strange sounds, unusual vibrations or odours arising from your water pump. Tackling the problem quickly with a prompt repair can reduce the downtime of your pump and minimise your repair bill.


To ensure your pump continues to operate as it should, it’s essential that you get any damaged parts replaced as soon as you are aware of the problem. Seals, O-rings and hoses can show visible signs of wear and tear. This can lead to major problems with your pump, so it’s important to get these parts replaced as soon as possible.


Always lubricate your pump with the manufacturer’s guidelines in mind. Don’t over grease your pump, as this can cause bearing damage. If you are lubricating the O-ring, make sure that you only use the correct O-ring lubricant to avoid repair issues.


If you have a spa or pool pump, make sure it’s sitting in an unobstructed position. Keep your pump uncovered at all times to assist in air flow. Also, don’t plant trees close to the pump, as this can also inhibit air flow due to overhead coverage and debris.


Your water pump is designed to circulate, so make sure that it’s run daily. Run your pool or spa pump for long enough each day to ensure quality filtration and the effective dispersion of chemicals.


Instead of waiting for your pump to develop a problem, take a pro active approach and schedule regular maintenance so you can increase it’s efficiency and longevity. Choose a time to have your water pump serviced that suits your needs, such as a winter service for a pool pump. This will minimise the inconvenience of pump downtime while it’s in the workshop.
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