We’ve Got Chemistry: The Simple Guide To Proper Spa Maintenance and Good Water Chemistry

The water chemistry of your spa requires consistent maintenance so you can continue to enjoy a spa that’s free from algae, bacteria, fungi and scale. If your spa water chemistry is unbalanced, your spa equipment can suffer as well. Filters will clog if your spa water hasn’t been properly maintained, which can lead to unwanted repair bills for your spa filter. While you should always follow the manufacturer’s’ instructions when it comes to maintaining the correct spa water chemistry, here’s a quick breakdown of the spa maintenance required to keep your water clean and healthy.

It’s recommended that you test the pH levels of your spa water at least 2 to 3 times per week. The ideal pH level should fall within the range of 7.4 – 7.6; which is close to the natural pH level of human skin. If your spa water is not within the correct pH levels, you’ll need to balance your water so it remains in a healthy range.

After you’ve balanced your spa water, it’s time to add a sanitising product. Most sanitising products contain chlorine which kills contaminants that can make your water unhealthy. However, there are now some non-chlorine alternatives.

If you use your spa more often or invite more guests into your spa, you may need to adjust your sanitiser levels. Keep in mind that you can purchase sanitisers which also container oxidisers. Oxidisers help dissolve contaminants that are brought into your pool by people or your surrounds, including insects, sweat or makeup.

Due to the warm temperature of spas, as opposed to an unheated pool, you’ll need to purchase a stain and scale inhibitor. This solution helps maintain your water chemistry by preventing the build up of scale and stains.

So you want to achieve a clear, sparkling spa? Clarifying your spa water is important if you’re noticing cloudy water. Unclear water may be caused by a range of issues including the presence of phosphates. You may use a clarifying product to maintain your spa water chemistry and avoid your water turning murky.

Regardless of how often you take a dip in your spa, you should be running your spa filter daily. The spa filter is the most important accessory in maintaining good water chemistry and hygiene.

By investing the time in maintaining your spa water, you’ll be protecting your health, your spa and your spa equipment. Contact our team at Aqua Services & Wholesalers on 07 3899 9959 if you’d like to learn more about spa maintenance.