Water Pump Replacement

Product Repair

You can count on our timely and efficient pump repairs whether you’re in Queensland, New South Wales, or Victoria. Our Brisbane workshop serves both local and national customers, ensuring that their pumps are repaired as fast and affordably as feasible.

Most brands of water pumps, electric motors, chlorinators, and spa controllers are covered by our repair expertise.

Heaters, elements, control units, pool cleaners, and air blowers are among the pool and spa accessories for which we may provide spare parts or repairs.

We attempt to make the entire repair procedure as simple and quick as possible, providing quotes within 24 hours of receiving the device.

pool equipment repair

Product Replacement .

If we determine that repairing the equipment is not cost-effective, you can rest confident that we will assist you in locating a cost-effective replacement option.
We can usually complete the repair within 24 hours once a quote has been accepted. Where applicable, our specialists will guarantee that the repaired equipment is wet-bench tested.
Before being shipped to our customers, it is also electrically tested and certified. Contact Aqua Services & Wholesalers immediately to get your water pump repaired and the spare component needs to be taken care of.