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Water Pump and Accessory Repairs For Australia’s East Coast

Product Repair

Whether you’re based in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria, you can rely on our prompt and efficient pump repairs. Our Brisbane workshop works with both local and interstate clients, helping our customers get their pump fixed as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Our repair expertise is vast and includes most brands of water pumps, electric motors, chlorinators and spa controllers.

We can also provide spare parts or repairs for pool and spa accessories including heaters, elements, control units, pool cleaners and air blowers.

We strive to make the whole repair process as simple and fast as possible, with quotes issued within 24 hours of receipt of equipment.

Product Replacement

If we deem the equipment uneconomical to repair, you can rest assured that we’ll help you in finding a cost-effective replacement solution.

Once a quote has been accepted, we can generally complete the repair within 24 hours. Our technicians will ensure the repaired equipment is wet-bench tested, where applicable. 

It’s also electrically tested and certified prior to being dispatched to our customer.

Connect with Aqua Services & Wholesalers today and let us look after your water pump repair and spare part requirements.

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